So, who are we?

BasLight is a Community Interest Company in Basingstoke. We are a group of volunteers who are trying to help people in the Basingstoke area stay safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

BasLight CIC is a not-for-profit company. The team who came together during these uncertain times are passionate and care about their community.

Below you will be able to see a profile of each member of the team.

This is our amazing team!

Natasha Carr

Natasha is a freelance charity project manager and fundraiser. Says Natasha:
“I’m driven by causes and projects to reduce inequality. The Covid-19 project seems super simple, but the food market and the environment changes so quickly that it’s actually incredibly complex. We’re building a reliable supply chain to get food safely out to people who can’t access it. These people probably aren’t online, and we can’t contact them directly. We’re supporting local businesses and workers without compromising their safety. Lastly, we’re planning for what the next 3,6,12 months will bring. Getting there without leaving anyone behind is what keeps me going.”
Natasha is a half French Londoner married to Peter. She lives in Basingstoke, rescues hedgehogs and plans daily to tame her wild garden.

Alex Chubb

Alex is 19 and has lived in Basingstoke his whole life. He has been working in retail for almost three years and has an urge to help people in need. Alex found this project whilst watching T.V and immediately got into contact knowing that he could help.
Alex has been interested in technology from a young age; at five he took apart his mother’s brand-new DVD player “Just to see how it worked.” Later, in his early teens Alex got interested in websites and how they worked so would virtually take them apart to look at what makes them work.
Still, like most people Alex does not know where life will take him but hopes to work in a team like this again, who are not only dedicated and hard working, but also motivating and morale boosting.

Steve Gargett

Steve is at heart an environmentalist who has dropped everything to help shield those most at risk from the coronavirus. Steve asked for volunteers in March and is proud to be working with an agile and exceptional team that is totally committed to make sure nobody is left behind.
Steve’s day job is running a small Basingstoke business called WindowTreat. Previously, Steve managed global projects for Motorola and enjoyed working in many countries.
Steve’s next project after this is all over is to help Basingstoke through the complex behavioural changes required to reduce our collective carbon footprint and increase sustainability whilst making it tremendous fun. Basingstoke will be the beacon of light for the UK as we all adapt to our new realities.

Zoe Janaway

Zoe has lived in Basingstoke all her life and is passionate about the community she lives and works in.

When Zoe isn’t spending quality time with her nine year old son and her rescue horse AJ, she’s working to care for individuals within their homes. Currently working for Blue Angel Care, Zoe works tirelessly to ensure everyone has access to the everyday essentials such as food and household supplies. But importantly, that no one feels isolated or alone.

Charity work is Zoe’s passion. She’s being actively been involved in reducing food waste in the local area for a number of years, ensuring every morsel of available food is used and everyone has enough.

Helen Noonan

Helen lives with Steve in sunny Basingstoke along with our daughter Skye and our 4 chickens. Helen is conscious of what she does and how it effects the planet, she drives an electric car, has solar panels on the roof of the house and where she can limits her single use plastics.

Helen has worked in Human Resources for over 20 years in a variety of sectors, Helen currently works as a HR Business Partner for Thames Water. Thames is playing a critical role in ensuring the water still flows to our hospitals.

Alongside her role at Thames she is a personal coach, coaching on a variety of topics including climate change and how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.

Sean Campbell

Sean's objective, every day, is to make people happy. Sean works as the Regional Project Chef for Baxterstorey and has been in the catering industry for the past 18 years. During the week, Sean works hard to ensure those who work for him and his customers are always smiling and receive the best service and experience possible.

Sean moved to basingstoke five years ago after living in london and originally from South Africa. Sean absolutely loves Basingstoke and the people who live here. He’s finding a new purpose in helping people during this time. He’s proud of what BasLight stands for and is thrilled to be able to play a key role in the CIC

Gill Whittaker

Gill lives in Hatch Warren with her son Evan, who is nearly three years old, and her husband Kevin. Originally from Wales, Gill has lived in Basingstoke for nearly seven years and is here to stay.

Having just taken a family break from leading an Internal Communications team in the Telecommunications industry, she’s thrilled to be volunteering for a community interest project to support the people of Basingstoke.

Over the years, Gill has undertaken a number of activities to support charities close to her heart and is now an NHS volunteer whenever her time, and Evan, allows. Gill enjoys all the usual pastimes and is now branching out to attempt to grow her own vegetables to become a more sustainable and self sufficient household.

David Winkle

David works on the support staff of the local ambulance service, dealing with statistics. He has worked there for a year and a half. Before then, he did work of a similar nature at Hampshire Constabulary.

In his spare time, he has been a first aid volunteer at St John Ambulance. He has assisted Premier League matches, the London Marathon, stadium concerts and a fête at his old school. He is now volunteering to support his local community.